A Gentleman’s Armor | Suit Supply

The suit will forever be a wardrobe staple and their evolution since the late 18th century is proof of their fashion resiliency. While we’ve come a long way from frock coats and the notorious zoot suit, the modern suit, like its predecessors, still has a certain air of confidence about it. A man in a suit not only looks like a dapper, Jay Gatsby approved gentleman, but also a successful businessman.

While your clothes should always echo who you are, the suit should do it with subtle conviction. The cut, the fit, the color, the details: they all should conspire to reflect the trust-worthy gentleman you are. Which is where Suit Supply comes in. This company gets it right! Their contemporary suits exude professionalism and style. With shirts in every color + pattern combo you could possibly imagine, the customizing possibilities are endless. I also love the lightweight linen – perfect for summer!


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