Kimski: KoPo Infusion

Ever heard of a Polish-Korean infused restaurant? Me neither. That is until I visited Chicago’s Kimski’s last week. If you are a little unsure of this interesting food combo, let me be the first to put your hesitations to rest. The seemingly unfitting heritages make for a mouth-watering menu. I mean, Polish sausages with Korean condiments – what more can you want? Maybe I am a bit biased given my Polish roots, but I can assure you that this infusion eatery is delicious.

First let’s talk food: Chef Won Kim, Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen champion has seamlessly blended the two cuisines. From vegetarian potski and bulgogi cheesesteak to Kopo Wangs and polish sausages, Chef Kim has integrated the two traditions into a truly soulful and unique menu. I went for Maria’s Standard – a smoky Polish sausage with garlic and spice remixed with soju-mustard and tangy kimchi kraut. The sausage took me right back to Poland, something my Mother would have loved to hear!

Located in Bridgeport, Kimski is a counter at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar. The half-Polish and half-Korean brothers who own the joint, Ed and Mike Marszewski have created the perfect blend of a diver bar and warehouse feel ambience. Wood paneling, yellow bar stools, vintage chalkboard menus, and a lively crown give it the perfect hometown feel.

So if you ever find yourself craving something with an Asian tang and that smoky Polish flavor, you know where to go. I know I certainly do!

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