Masculine Man Bags

Don’t leave the bags to just the ladies, every man needs some sort of sac for when we have to carry more than just our credit cards. Man bags don’t need to be feminine or purse-like, they are best when subdued and masculine with a touch of vintage mystery.

Whether for business, travel or fashion, there are four main types of man bags every gentleman needs in their closet:



A backpack is a must for overnight trips or a gym bag alternative. Go sporty with a pack like this one from Herschel or stay classy with this leather accented from one Tumi. Just for fun, take a step out of your comfort zone with this modern, roll down pack from Sons of a Trade.

THE MESSENGERfossil-navy-graham-canvas-messenger-bag-blue-product-0-266327878-normal

Convenient, stylish and a must have. The perfect in-between for when you aren’t at the office and you don’t need the capacity of the duffle. The messenger bag is the most underrated of all the man bags. Make sure to not go too bulky and distressed to avoid looking dragged down, just the perfect amount of vintage and wear will work.

THE DUFFLEPhoto Courtesy of Sportique.comThe second must buy man bag is a duffle. Your duffle bag no longer needs to be your D.U.F.F. The most necessary bag for traveling, your duffle must be ready to impress. Look for classic shapes with canvas or leather accents to avoid hiding your beat up duffle bag the next time your at the airport.

THE BRIEFCASE70324-main-001_1The most common man bag, the briefcase, is next on my list. A briefcase can go south fast when you start to value practicality over style. Avoid the synthetic, acrylic and multi-pocketed and go for the leather, classic and well-organized. This grey, canvas one from Tumi is sure to stand out and impress.

DSC_9744 1


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