Fall Fashion Finds | John Varvatos

I think we can all agree that summers in the Windy City aren’t typically all that windy – quite frankly, they can be brutally hot and humid. Don’t get me wrong, nothing can beat summertime Chi. But I’d have to say early fall weather is my favorite: the air is brisk enough to break out the flannel and the sun makes cool sunglasses still a necessity.

In late September thru October, Chicago is an autumn paradise. With 70 degree temperate, the heavy humidity is gone and multicolor leaves start shading the city orange + yellow. But what do I love most about fall? Easy – fall fashion. As we transition seasons, this year’s male fashion trends are effortlessly rugged and undoubtedly masculine. Style trends are airing on the softer side versus louder designs and patterns in past years. Prints are rich with content, but with the right combination of fabric + color, they are simply subtle. We are seeing a lot of stripes this season in an array of colors – not just black and white.

This fall season, less is more. Rather than trying to make a statement intricate designs, flashy trends and an overwhelming amount of patterns, make that statement with one piece of clothing. Try to balance it all. If your shirt is black and white plaid, just go with a monochromatic color of jeans or pants. John Varvatos captured this organic ‘less is more’ mantra perfectly with his fall collection. Every piece is classy, subtle and rich in make.

Fall is finally here folks. Happy shopping!


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