Fresh Cut: 5 Hairstyles For Fall

Fall is a time for new beginnings giving you the perfect excuse to up your game and change your look. And what better way to start the season fresh than with a fresh, suave ‘do? Hair, while we may take it for granted, does much more for us guys than we think – it’s transformative.

In an effort to compile a list of my favorite men’s hair trends for this season, I realized that I am no hairstyling expert. So I called on the help of someone who is: Adam Bogucki. Owner of West Lakeview’s Lumination Salon and hair industry veteran, Adam is one Chicago’s favorite forward-thinking groomers with over 12 years of experience.

With Adam’s expertise, I was able to narrow down my list to the top 5 haircuts to start the season off on top.

1. Caesar Cut

Named after ancient Roman emperor Julius Caesar, this haircut might be my all time favorite. Synonymous with the ‘french chop,’ the Caesar cut boasts shorter sides with similarly cut locks on top. Not only is this style a classic (literally), it is also extremely versatile and low-maintenance.

2. Shaved Head

While I definitely appreciate the recent direction change in men’s hair trends, the shaved head is always a go-to. Shorter than the caesar cut, the shaved hairstyle has been around since the days soldiers were having it out on the battlefield. This hairstyle has evolved from the utilitarian buzz cut into a modern bad-ass look with (surprisingly) endless options.

3. Puffy Undercut

Although a popular Red Carpet style for the last few years, Adam says “the undercut is here to stay.” There are many ways to alter this look to make it unique. My favorite happens to be what has been dubbed the ‘puffy undercut’. With long locks on the top of your head, the sides and back are buzzed down. This look “provides easy volume and styling versatility,” for an effortlessly cool look.

Adam’s Pro Tip: Excellent for all hair types, try styling the hair on the top of the head forward for a different look.

4. Side Part + Medium Fade

Similar to the undercut, this suave haircut is consists of longer hair on the top of the head which is neatly combed over into a side part, while the hair on the sides + back is kept shorter with a gradual fade transition. As one of the most popular hairstyles he’s cutting this season, Adam said, “the classic look of a side part, but dropping the fade a little lower makes the look very trendy.” The perfect combination of Jay Gatsby debonair and Justin Timberlake cool.

Adam’s Pro Tip: Style with gel for a sleek look or blow dry and add paste for a rougher finish.

5. One Length

“Simple, easy and relaxed,” Adam says that this look is another popular one for fall 2016. For guys who need a low-maintenance look, the one-length haircut is masculine and clean.

Adam’s Pro Tip: Simply add a grooming cream or paste on your way out the door and you’re set.

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