Let’s Sock About It

Guys I hate to break it to ya, but crazy patterned socks are a thing of the past. Like any trend, vibrant hosiery made a healthy presence in men’s fashion for a few years. But over time it has slowly started to fade away.

Men’s style has been shifting towards a 1920’s vibe with more classic, refined and dapper styles. The footwear couture movement now incorporates solid colors and muted patterns – such as tiny polka dots and softer stripes. Four years ago, expressing your personal style with a funky sock might get you some fashionable praise. But nowadays it will more than likely get you a side eye in the office.

With the evolution of men’s polished fashion, it has become more difficult for them to express their personal style. Unlike women, guys do not have a plethora of options when it comes to their attire. Since kitschy socks are gone with the wind, men have the option to play up their suit with a trendy tie or swanky pocket square. Mixing patterns has been quite the fad the past few years, so pairing a checkered shirt with a floral tie can really stand out.

Just because men’s fashion trends have head in a more mature direction does not mean it should inhibit your self-expression. Let your personality shine through your garments! Do me a favor though – ditch the wacky socks. Like my lovely LA friend John Donahue from states “Say something socks are out!!!”

Check out the sock inspiration I added below, as well as some ideas to deck out your duds!

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