A man can never have too many suits. But if you can only fit one in your closet, then the Lazio Suit from SUITSUPPLY should be the lucky winner. Defined by its sleek clean fit, the Lazio cut is a more youthful version of the classic tailored suit. With a slim notch lapel and lightly padded shoulder, this 2-button jacket emits a sharp silhouette.

The suit is a power move. When you dress like a boss, you feel like a boss. Gone are the times of baggy trousers and over-sized jackets. In men’s fashion today, a suit should look custom made. Rather than hide in layers of fabric, a well-tailored suit should exude confidence and broaden your features. And the Lazio cut does just that.

A suit doesn’t have to be double breasted with peaked lapels to play the part of a CEO. The slim notch lapel feature on the SUITSUPPLY piece is subtle and gives off an effortlessly cool appearance. In contrast, the lightly padded shoulders automatically broadens the jacket. Unlike un-padded shoulders, which tend to give off a more natural and casual appeal, the padded shoulder provides a sharp profile and strong, masculine silhouette.

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