Trend Alert: Bomber Jackets

As we all know, much of menswear fashion is accredited to military history – especially the bomber jacket. Haven’t you ever seen Top Gun? No surprise here,  the bomber jacket  – or MA-1 if we’re getting technical – was not always the stylish garment it is today. In fact it was originally a practical piece for military pilots – hence “bomber” jacket. In World War I airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit so pilots resorted to bomber jackets to keep them warm.

The military piece has been a sartorial choice throughout the years since its introduction. From the 70’s when British punks heavily donned the jacket to the 90’s where it had a heavy influence on the west coast rap scene. What was once a necessity for warmth rather than fashion, is now a wardrobe staple.

Typically worn oversized due to pilots wearing plenty of gear underneath, the modern day bomber jacket comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I prefer a tighter fit as I like a more tailored look (pun intended) however, the original oversized fit pairs well with the athleisure trend.

Throw this jacket over a loose t-shirt, some joggers, and a pair of Adidas and you have yourself a casual yet refined ensemble. The bomber jacket has endless stylish options and will surely be a conversation starter.

Check out a few of my favorite styles below for some inspiration!

Hugo Boss Bavot Reversible Bomber Jacket | buy


Zara Perforated Bomber Jacket | buy


Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Waxed Bomber Jacket | buy

A little more inspiration:


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