Jetsetter: 4 Warm Weather Getaways

I just arrived back in Chicago after a quick trip to LA and I’m already missing any temperature above 60 degrees. Guys, I don’t know about you but I am officially over this whole winter thing. Wearing 4 layers under my parka just to walk down the street is really starting to put a damper on things. You’d think I’d be used to Midwest winters by now.

As my brain is physically craving the sun, spring feels so close yet so far.  So I’ve come up with a new game plan. Why deprive yourself of a little Vitamin D when you can hop on a plane and jet set to just about any tropical place in the world. But if you can’t just ditch town for a few days, I found that the best way to combat vacation cravings is to bight the bullet and book your next getaway. Bring your SO or plan a guy’s trip. It’ll give you something to look forward to and hopefully distract you from the plummeting temperature.

I’ve rounded up my top 4 favorite destinations to ensure sun-kissed tans and ocean views that will get you to get through these next few months. But don’t forget your carry-on essentials (check out my carry-on essentials guide).

St. Barths

This French-speaking, Caribbean island is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches (16 to be exact). If that alone doesn’t sell you, then read on.

If you are a first time traveler to this unique spot, I have a few recommendations to keep in mind. The island’s vibe is casual and laid back with a Parisian flare. There’s an array of awesome hotels to stay at – and did I mention 16 beaches? I would recommend the newly renovated, Hotel Le Toiny St Barth. This hotel offers a selection of villas with breathtaking views of the island. For a casual, “no shoes” required lunch spot, O’Corail is a local favorite. There is so much to explore on this island, it is truly paradise. And definitely not below zero.



South Beach Miami, Florida

Blue skies, sandy beaches, and the best DJ mixes. Miami will leave you feeling recharged. There is so much to explore in this high-energy city. Spend at least one day away from the pool and head over to the Wynwood Art District and experience Miami’s modern art scene. The endless graffiti murals bursting with color make for the perfect photo op.  If you don’t have at least one Instagram-worthy selfie to document your vacation, did you really go? (Kidding! Kinda…)



Lanai, Hawaii Islands

As you can imagine, this island is ridiculously beautiful. It frequently is overlooked from the other Hawaiian Islands. But that’s what makes it so perfect. While the tourist population is crawling the other islands, you can enjoy some actual peace and quiet. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway, this island is definitely for you.

At this point you should be 100% sold, in which case you’ll need a hotel. I HIGHLY recommend, the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai.  If you can picture perfection, this resort is it.



Malibu, California

You already know Cali holds a special place in my heart and Malibu is quintessential Southern California cool. California is one of my absolute favorite places to visit year round. Another laid back destination, with the best organic eats, farmers markets and surf shops. The culture is so different in the best way possible. Plus, Malibu sunsets are like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie – seriously breathtaking.



If you haven’t already booked a flight, I applaud your self-control. Becuase I already booked a flight to California next month. If I never come back, don’t be surprised!


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