Precision Human Performance: A Lifestyle

For those of you who know me, know that fitness is a HUGE part of my life. Not because I want to lose weight or gain muscle (although that’s definitely a bonus), but because it jumpstarts my mind and body for the day. It boosts my energy, clears my thoughts, and lays a solid foundation for the hours that lay ahead.

But recently I started experiencing severe pain in my shoulder. While at first it started off as discomfort, over time it has become nearly debilitating forcing me to skip my morning ritual. For someone who is as active as I am, not being able to begin my day with the one thing that kept me balanced was extremely discouraging.

I soon found out that it wasn’t just a pulled muscle, but a torn rotator cuff. Surgery seemed to be my only option and I knew my shoulder would never be the same. Until I was referred to Precision Human Performance. Let me tell you – this gym has saved my shoulder. Precision isn’t just a gym, it’s a lifestyle.


My first session was an Evaluation so the PHP team could get a better understanding of my injury. I met with Michelle Amore, one of the gym’s owners and co-founders. BTW – she’s a bad a**! I was skeptical at first, but once Michelle and I had talked through my injury, I could tell she understood my pain more than anyone else. And the best part – she knew how to make it better.

My next visit to Precision was with with, Ryan Kroth, PHP’s Managing Partner. Since Michelle had discussed my situation with Ryan, he already knew the basics. So this next session was a strength and flexibility assessment for Ryan to determine the severity of my injury. Through a series of mini tests and resistance training exercises, Ryan was able to not only evaluate the extent of my shoulder pain, but also come up with an in-depth game plan.


During this assessment, I learned more about my body than I ever had before. The key to everything really is precision. I was working muscles I never even knew I had. Focusing on simple tasks that I would usually breeze by, made all the difference in the world.



Once Ryan thought I was ready to get to work, we hit the floor. Our goal was to “knock on pain’s door,” as Ryan would say, without ever actually stepping through. It was all about introducing my injury to the smart way of training. It’s not pushing yourself past your limits. It’s recognizing those limits and learning how to work through them in a healthy way.


Maximum strength and maximum longevity need to go hand in hand. Sure lifting 200 pounds is cool, but if you’re doing it the wrong way, you won’t be able to life 20 pounds in 7 years. You want to lay the foundation and build on it over a period of time to maximize your fitness longevity. And that is what the PHP way is is all about.

I can rant and rave about Precision and training the ‘smart’ way for hours, but it won’t convince you as nearly as well as the PHP team can. Because they’re goal is to help people. Help them to reach their goals and maximize their potential, without causing injuries. I urge you, give it a shot.

Strengthening the shoulder and aiding my injury will take time, but I know PHP will guide me through it the entire way.





Photography by: Patrycja Zak of Good Time Photography Chicago

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