Talk To The Art: Affordable Art Sites

Plain and simple: no room is complete without art. It’s just four walls and some furniture until you add a few inspiring pieces that bring it to life – give it it’s own voice and personality. I am very a visual and expressive person (if you haven’t noticed). I speak my mind and have no shame in doing so. And I think that’s exactly what art does. It speaks without any words – its confidence can’t be shattered.

Moral of the story – I really like art. However, I understand that collecting art is an expensive investment, especially if you are looking at valuable, original works and hoping to purchase them right off the wall.

Luckily, there are so many online art boutiques and sites that offer unique and affordable pieces. No matter your preference, artist or collecting style, I can guarantee you can find artwork from these sites that will suit your space. Switching out artwork in your home, office, or storefront, is one of the simplest ways to redecorate in a pinch. If you are an aspiring collector or you are hoping to refresh your walls, I have gathered my favorite places to browse (without putting on pants) and purchase art work.


If you haven’t heard of the site Society6, don’t talk to me. It’s the sickest site for all things art and home decor. Thousands of artists from around the world sell their original art as fine prints, apparel, tech and home accessories. I love knowing that I am supporting an  international community of talented creatives. This site is perfect for eclectic styles and likes to switch up their art collection frequently. They offer a massive assortment of affordable prints to create the perfect gallery wall. They also offer a membership program to loyal customers.


Minted is another wonderful site that supports independent and emerging artists from around the world. I especially love this site for large prints. Masculine, eclectic, pastel, mixed-media, you name it – Minted has just about everything you can think of. The site  constantly holds design competitions where the community casts a vote on which pieces should be sold. This results in an infinite collection of work to browse through at an affordable price.

One Kings Lane

Okay, so this one is pretty well-known. But still just as awesome! If you’re a newbie to the art world, One Kings Lane is a great recourse for starters. They offer style expertise from their professional design team and offer a lot of great design inspiration. Everything from black and white photography and watercolors to mixed media and eclectic works, One Kings Lane has something for everyone.

Artfully Walls

Another great web spot for inspiration, Artfully Walls is amazing. This site is great for the art collector novice and enthusiast alike. They have a crazy huge collection of unique pieces from around the globe. Plus if you’re a huge app person – their app makes mobile shopping ridiculously easy!





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