Keep It Brief: Underwear You Want To Show

Underwear is undoubtedly a very personal choice for any man. But gentlemen, if our boxers or briefs are going to show, we might as well make them something to look at. Regardless if you are a boxer or brief kind of guy, whatever you choose to wear should be comfortable and add to your confidence. If you look good, you’ll always feel good, that’s my motto.

I know all of my readers have impeccable taste, but are your skivvies as on trend as the rest of your look? You’re in luck because I’m sharing some of the sickest underwear lines.

Check out these 3 brands below – I promise, you’ll thank me later.


This is the most underrated underwear brand of all time. 2(X)IST has been around for nearly 25 years and is an essential in my closet. The styles are meant for men who actively live their lives by pushing the boundaries with confidence. But more importantly, the comfort level is phenomenal. It’s like wearing your birthday suit. Don’t believe me? Then try them for yourselves. Shop here –> a few of my favorites.


While they’re mostly known for suits and evening wear, Armani carries some of my favorite briefs. From fit and pattern to style and color, they are seriously amazing. Although a pair is a little pricey, the quality + comfort 100% justifies the purchase. Treat yourself, men. Shop here –> best pair.

Calvin Klein

Alright so everyone knows about Calvins – and if you don’t you have some serious catching up to do. But they’re my favorite so I couldn’t resist. When it comes to underwear, no one does it quite like Calvin can. The Calvin Klein brand has become a statement. And one that I am happy to make. Shop here –> SHOP

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