Chicago’s Best of Brunch | Spring 2017

Brunchin’ is a habit – seriously. I’m not sure when ‘brunch’ turning into verb, but it’s safe to say that brunching is one of Chicago’s most coveted pastimes. Long gone are the days when brunch was considered just a meal. Now it’s a full blown lifestyle. I mean, a menu that allows you to order pancakes with a side of bacon AND a turkey club with french fries? What more could you possibly want in a meal?

After reading the Chicago Tribune’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Dining Awards, I felt inspired. It’s been a while since I changed up my dining routine and decided to give a few of the Trib’s best brunch spots a try. Even if you’re not a brunch enthusiast as myself, these Chicago spots may just change your mind.

Longman & Eagle

This nostalgic restaurant takes you back to the early days of Chicago’s social scene. And not early 1970’s early. I mean early as in 1800s early. A much simpler time when travelers sought a hearty meal, pale ale, and a place to rest their head under one cozy roof. Where strangers became friends and a new city became home. AKA an inn.

Longman & Eagle takes a look back into this concept with sleeping quarters and obviously, nationally renowned food options. The menu is a delicious combination of good ol’ fashion food and a sprinkle of New Age flare: Fried Chicken & Waffles, Sunnyside Duck Egg Hash, Cinnamon French Toast, Wild Boar Sloppy Joe, and a personal favorite – Beef Shank au Poivre with truffled potatoes and a sunnyside egg.

Longman and Eagle courtesy of ChiFoodCravings Instagram

Fried Chicken & Waffles from Longman & Eagle // Courtesy of @longmanandeagle via Instagram


Ok, this restaurant’s slogan is “brunch by day, burgers by night” so this one automatically made it to the top of my list. WHISK’s menu is not for the small-minded (or the ‘small-stomached’). If you have a big appetite and you’re ready to do some damage – this place is for you. Each item on WHISK’s menu sounds better than the next. And there is something for everyone.

While a majority of the menu is southwestern-inspired, it offers a wide variety of other dishes as well. WHISK’s chefs take traditional brunch dishes and add their own personal flavor for one of a kind plates. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory like a Chorizo Omelette or something extravagantly sweet like Snicker’s Stuffed French Toast (yes, that is a real thing), WHISK’s menu won’t let you down.

Whisk Chicago courtesy of Whisk Instagram Well-Tailored Life

Chilaquiles from WHISK Chicago // Courtesy of @whiskchicago via Instagram

Mortar & Pestle

This rustic, feel good joint is a must-try. Their menu is far from cookie cutter, but in the best way possible. With a collection of traditional plates with globally inspired flavors, Mortar & Pestle’s food is phenomenal. From Foie Gras French Toast and Alaskan King Crab Benedict, to a Bavarian chicken dish and a good ol’ Patty Melt – this eclectic menu will not disappoint.

Well-Tailored Life Mortar and Pestle courtesy of Mortar and Pestle Instagram

Foie Gras French Toast // Photo courtesy of @mortarandpestle via Instagram

Publican Anker

Okay I’ll admit, this one isn’t on the list. But it’s my favorite brunch restaurant of all time. The food. The people. The vibe. Every inch of the Publican Anker’s homage to 20th century timeless fare is on point. Just pay them a visit and you’ll see what I mean.

Well-Tailored Life Publican Anker courtesy of Publican Anker Instagram

Mackerel Toast with Soft-Boiled Egg from Publican Anker // Courtesy of @sarahischi via Instagram

While I have yet to make it to all of the brunch spots on the Chicago Tribune’s list, you better believe I will. Don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite restaurant spots for the Chicago Tribune’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Dining Awards!

PS – Sugar Hills Bakery & Cafe will be starting their very won BRUNCH in the next few weeks!! Follow our account on Instagram to stay up to date! @sugarhillschi

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