Tieless: How To Wear a Suit With No Tie

A suit and tie go together like cookies and milk. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or like Kim and Kanye. Ok so we’re still not sure about that last one, but you get the idea. It’s a combo that’s just works. But that doesn’t mean a suit can’t go solo every once in a while. Sometimes a guy needs a suit without the pomp and circumstance of a tie – loosen it up a bit.

Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you decide to go tie-less. Remember: sometimes going solo is for the best. Justin Timberlake did it, and look at him now.

How To Wear a Suit With No Tie

Shirt is Key.

The shirt you choose to wear underneath is the key to rocking this look. Make sure the shirt portrays the look you’re going for. If you’re going the more casual route, opt for a chambray button down. Looking for something a little nicer – you can never go wrong with a pressed white oxford. Per usual, I wanted to make a subtle statement, so I went with a The Kooples shirt with a black trimmed collar. Which leads me to number 2….


Pay Attention to the Collar

While it’s really all about the shirt, don’t overlook the collar. The collar will be another indication of the look you’re going for. You would never wear a button down collar to a black tie, but you would if you were getting cocktails with a date. Just like you would never wear a stiff collar to a bar.


One or Two Button Drop?

How much you unbutton your sport coat or shirt is a direct correlation to how casual you’re trying to be. For the shirt, never go more than 3 buttons. It’s just common knowledge, dude. Button up all the way for a button-upped look. The more chest you show – the more laid back you’re trying to be. Or the more you’re trying to charm. Kidding. Kind of. Regardless – keep your undershirt hidden. Please.

Same goes with your suit jacket. Except unlike your shirt, it is socially acceptable to have it completely unbuttoned. This is the definition of casually cool.


Pant Color

If you’re trying to look trendy and easy-going, mixing it up with your pants is the way to go. Try out different colors to see which combos you like best. I’m always a big fan of the navy jacket / grey pants combo (or vice versa). It’s really personal preference.


Focus on Accessories

If you’re feeling a little bare without the comfort of a tie, try emphasizing other accessories; shoes, cuff links, socks, scarf, etc. Since you’re down an accessory, going for a bolder one is cool.

There you have it, my friends. Now you can master the art of the tie-less look! Like some of my look? Shop this look below.


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